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Telephone Consultation 20 minutes 140 €

Telephone Consultation is an easy way to get started with your Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment, make changes to ongoing treatments and request for  new prescriptions.  During a telephone consultation you can: 

  • discuss your current health situation and get all of your health related questions answered

  • learn about Natural Bio-identical Hormones and how a customized treatment will benefit you

  • discuss laboratory results

  • alter your treatment plan

  • order prescriptions


Clinic Consultation

New Appointment is recommended for all new patients. During this 1.5 hour clinic consultation Dr Paivi will give a thorough clinical examination and determine the right treatment plan for you.

New appointment  is recommended for all new patients. During this 1.5 hour consultation Dr Paivi will:

  • thoroughly review your medical history

  • examine and discuss potential problem areas using a detailed symptom questionnaire

  • give a detailed clinical physical examination

  • determine the right laboratory tests for you

  • set up your health goals

  • outline a program to monitor your hormonal balance and lifestyle progress

  • discuss the cost range of possible treatments

New Appointment  1,5 hrs 330 €

Follow-up appointments are important for monitoring and determining the course of your treatment. All patients are advised to schedule a follow up appointment every 5 years.  Yearly follow-ups at own GP/doctor are accepted.

Follow Up Consultation is recommended for Dr Paivi´s patients who have an ongoing treatment. All patients are advised to schedule a Follow Up Consultation every 5 years and yearly clinic consultations with own doctor/GP. 


This 45 minute consultation is important for:

  • determining and monitoring the course of your ongoing treatment

  • making sure that you are not experiencing any concerning symptoms

  • reviewing and confirming that you are on the right dosages

  • interpretation of laboratory results, matching them with your current symptoms

  • adjusting your ongoing treatment plan

Follow-up Appointment  45 min 190 €

Dr Paivi Shedd is an A4M Fellowship, Board Certified doctor in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

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