Learn more about Bio-Identical HRT

  • Feeling anxious, miserable

  • Gaining Weight

  • Scalp hair loss

  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Forgetting words, loosing memory

  • Loss of Sex Drive – suffered relationship

Our hormones start declining much earlier than we generally think; men’s testosterone decline starts in the early 30s, women´s progesterone decline begins in the early 40s and estrogen in the late 40s. Once hormones are not in balance we get symptoms of anxiety, hair loss (top of head), thinning skin, low libido, loss of memory, mood swings, weight gain, impotence and osteoporosis.


Hormone replacement therapy uses only natural bio-identical hormones, which have the same chemical structure as their counterparts in the human body. Since synthetic hormones do not fit the hormone receptors in your body they  function differently compared to the manner in which (your own) natural hormones do.

For example your own estradiol molecules are eliminated from your body within a few hours whereas synthetic estrogen (from a horse) has been shown to stay in your body for up to 13 weeks.

If you have  health problems, you might benefit from customized supplement recommendations.

For example if you have high cholesterol and you are on statin drugs you will need extra coenzyme Q10 because Q10 drops during statin-medication. Or if you are on birth control pills you need extra B vitamins because Birth control pills deplete your body of B vitamins.


Dr Paivi is an A4M Fellowship, Board Certified doctor in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and functional Medicine.

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