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Receive a prescription within 2 working days



Receive a reply within 2 working days






Receive a reply within 7  days


Free of charge

Renew Prescription


Orders to the UK continue normally with a few changes:

  • Orders must be over £150

  • You are no longer required to pay for the German VAT however separate customs clearance in the UK apply

  • Alternative mailing and shipping options can be arranged with Receptura

For any prescription renewal the following requirements apply when placing an order:

  • your most recent consultation with Dr Paivi was less than 12 months ago

  • you have not experienced any negative changes to your health

  • you are not experiencing any unusual or concerning symptoms as a result of your current treatment

  • you are comfortable with continuing your most recent plan

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to change your prescription or treatment plan please book a telephone consultation with Dr Paivi.

Please make sure to have a Follow-up Consultation every 5 years and yearly Clinic Consultations  with your own doctor/GP.

Prescription requests are sent to and personally handled by Dr Paivi. Please allow 2 working  days for your prescription to be processed. You will receive a copy of your prescription via email.

Remember to order well in advance because it will take 3-4 weeks for Receptura to process and send the hormones to you.

Orders to the UK can have further delays due to Brexit. 

Price: 95.00 €

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Quick Questions


Quick Questions-form is an easy way to ask health related questions from Dr Paivi. You will get a reply withing 48 hours (2 working days). Questions sent during the weekend will be answered latest on the following Tuesday.

Quick Questions-form is recommended for questions that do not require ongoing correspondence.  If you are looking for a more in depth consultation you need to book a telephone consultation for this.

Price: 65.00 €
This form can not be used for prescriptions.

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Enquiries Post Consultation

post consultation

If you have just had a consultation and have a question regarding your consultation, you may use this form.
Dr Paivi will reply to enquiries in arriving order so it may take up to 7 days.
In urgent matters please use the Quick Questions-form above.

This form can not be used for prescriptions.

This service is free of charge.

I would like to ask about
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Dr Paivi Shedd is an A4M Fellowship, Board Certified doctor in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

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