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The most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in men

•      abdominal fat

•      male breast development

•      irritability, depression

•      low self-esteem

•      loss of muscle mass

•      erectile dysfunction and low libido

•      fatigue, pains, fibromyalgia

•      memory loss

A simple saliva test measures hormone levels throughout the day

Male Hormone Plus saliva test is used to identify irregular hormone patterns such as testosterone levels, DHEA and cortisol. This simple saliva test is used to determine a wide range of conditions such as reduced libido, muscle loss and weakness, cardiovascular disease and fatique.

4 saliva samples are collected throughout the day which provide measurings of hormone secretion. This test is ideal for prevention and treatment of hormone related conditions.

Male Hormone Plus saliva test: 195€

Get started with a new treatment

Due to Covid-19 Dr Shedd provides consultations remotely via Skype videochats and calls. This actually makes the start and continuation of your bio-identical hormone treatment more convient and affordable since you are not required to visit Dr Shedd at one of her clinics in Europe.

Visit Online Clinic to find out more.

To get started:

1. Fill out a questionnaire

2. Fill and sign patient agreement form

3. Book your first consultation

First Consultation: 280€

Dr Paivi Shedd is an A4M Fellowship, Board Certified doctor in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine.

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