As my patients already know I take about 16 different health supplements every day. And

there is a reason for each one of them! Here I have listed the 5 most important ones.

- Dr Paivi




Vitamin D
Supports bones and body’s immune system and lifts mood. Some laboratory studies have shown that vitamin D can stop cancer cells from dividing.
B-vitamin Complex
Very important nervous system and stress vitamin. They support

mood, give energy, B6 supports serotonin production and B12 reduces homocysteine.

Many of us are depletes.

Coenzyme Q10
Boosts your cells ability to produce and use energy. Very important for

heart and blood vessel health.


Omega 3
Supports heart health, minimizes blood clotting, reduces inflammation.


This is the most important mineral and is needed for 300 enzyme reactions in your body!

Dr Paivi is an A4M Fellowship, Board Certified doctor in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and functional Medicine.

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